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Fisher the Skunk Hunter. Photo by Terry Allen.
Fisher the Skunk Hunter

Zach the Zombie. Photo by Terry Allen.
Zach the Zombie

Meow and Mom. Photo by Terry Allen.
Meow and Mom

Janice Kanski and Daisy. Photo by Terry Allen.
Janice Kanski and Daisy
at the Sublette Center.

Gordy the Cowboy. Photo by Terry Allen.
Gordy the Cowboy

Scarecrow and Bumblebee. Photo by Terry Allen.
Scarecrow and Bumblebee
The Bazzles.

Looking for the Great Pumpkin. Photo by Terry Allen.
Looking for the Great Pumpkin

The Gosar Fight Team. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Gosar Fight Team
Some Truly Creepy Stuff
by Terry Allen
November 1, 2017

EJ, the new owner of Boondocks said I could set up a pumpkin photo backdrop and take pictures for my Halloween story.

Most of the Moms and kids knew what to do and all I had to do was snap a photo. But, when I tried to corral three cats, The Tom ran out the door howling. I don't blame anyone for not wrestling him back in...he had his claws out.

A Gladiator and a Princess came in and the gladiator didn't want anything to do with the princess even though I could tell she loved him dearly. Finally the gladiator let me win but you can see the fight is still in his eyes.

A Zombie couple came in and they scared me right away but then you know how Zombies are...they get real nice so you relax and lose half a step and next thing you know they are on your neck. But before all that...I got some pics of their eyes. Try not to lose any sleep...

Daisy and Toto came in and they were fighting over something and neither would stand still and then Toto went flying and I figured I better pretend I got the shot and let them go.

The Skunk Hunter came in and I knew he was headed my way before I saw him. He had a dead skunk stuffed down his shirt and said he knew where he could get a bunch more...and looked at me as if I might like to go. I gave him a doubtful and noncommittal look so he un-slung his skunk gun and headed for the woods.

A Clown was chasing EJ around the kitchen with a meat cleaver so I can't show you the picture I got.

I decided to head up to The Cowboy Shop because folks like pictures of cowboys. There was Isabel riding Sandy the Bucking Horse and Rooster was feeding him a bucket of quarters. Rooster is so cool. He just got all nonchalant and let me take a shot.

I made my way to the Sublette Center and all the nice retired folks were passing out candy to the kids...and they were cackling while they were doing I didn't have any. Instead I went outside where the Smiths and the Mergls were throwing big piles of autumn leaves into the air.

Over at the firehouse, Mike said he'd "Light it up" for me...and he meant the big truck. Just then The Rogerson Family came by and they were happy to pose in front of it...because I said with my new lens I could basically touch Jared's belt buckle with the camera and still get a shot all the way up to the top where the fireman stood.

I asked where the Sheriff's office guys were and they said over by the Chamber where the EMTs were. The sheriffs were gone but the EMTs were there drinking light and dark fluid know...plastic beer pitchers...the kind they give you in the hospital when you can't get out of bed.

Finally I headed over to the library and found myself following Dr. Livingston and a tiny tiger he had befriended on one of his journeys. In thru the door we passed Count Dracula who was making a move on Dr. Frankenstein's girl in a wedding dress. Very coincidentally, we found a real wedding going on in the Lovatt Room and they let me crash it for a photo. Thanks guys!

Well thanks everyone for the candy and the offers of strange beer and worm sandwiches and the skunk kebob. It sure was neighborly of you all.

Your photographer: Terry Allen.

Dracula Moves in on Frankensteins Girl. Photo by Terry Allen.
Dracula Moves in on Frankensteins Girl

Bianca at Green River Valley Land Trust. Photo by Terry Allen.
Bianca at Green River Valley Land Trust

Jessica the Zombie. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jessica the Zombie

Jubal. Photo by Terry Allen.
Not sure. Character from Animal Farm?

The Jared Rogersons at the Firehouse. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Jared Rogersons at the Firehouse

Brennen and Sophie. Photo by Terry Allen.
Brennen and Sophie
Do you love your big brother? "Oh yes," she said.

Sublette Bank is doing Baskets to Baskets. Photo by Terry Allen.
Sublette Bank is doing Baskets to Baskets
They are partnered up with the Food Basket. Stop in and help them reach their food drive goal of 1000 items.

Sam the Cowboy. Photo by Terry Allen.
Sam the Cowboy

The Crime Fighting Allens. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Crime Fighting Allens

Brynlee and Tailynn. Photo by Terry Allen.
Brynlee and Tailynn

Mae Orm as Bob Ross. Photo by Terry Allen.
Mae Orm as Bob Ross

Sunny the Unicorn. Photo by Terry Allen.
Sunny the Unicorn

Season of the Monkey and the Witch. Photo by Terry Allen.
Season of the Monkey and the Witch

The Food Basket Team. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Food Basket Team
Come in and hunt for treasure and drop off a donation for the holidays if you'd like.

Rooster and Isabel at The Cowboy Shop. Photo by Terry Allen.
Rooster and Isabel at The Cowboy Shop

Lyla the Caterpillar. Photo by Terry Allen.
Lyla the Caterpillar

A Halloween Wedding. Photo by Terry Allen.
A Halloween Wedding
The Cooks.

Swiffer From H.E.A.R.. Photo by Susan Stringfellow.
Swiffer From H.E.A.R.
Did you know Happy Endings Animal Rescue have all kinds of programs. Straight up adoption, Foster parent, Weekend friend...and I swear someone said something about renting pigs.

Macie and Carmen. Photo by Terry Allen.
Macie and Carmen

Hannah, Amiya and the Fire Team. Photo by Terry Allen.
Hannah, Amiya and the Fire Team

Finton the Gnome. Photo by Terry Allen.
Finton the Gnome
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