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History Day
Over 40 students from four regional counties compete in Marbleton
April 15, 2010

District Wyoming History Day competition was held this year in Marbleton on April 13, 2010. The southwestern district includes students from Sublette, Sweetwater, Lincoln, and Unita Counties.

Students who excel at this competition will go on and compete at a state level held April 26, 2010, in Laramie at the University of Wyoming. The top three projects in each category from state competition go on to compete at National History Day held each year at the University of Maryland in June.

"Im pleased to say that for the last ten years, students from our District competition have made it to nationals! This year we had over 40 students competing at District," said Ann Noble, District History Day Coordinator.

History Day is a nationwide enrichment program for students in grades 6 through 12. The goal of History Day is to promote the study of history in schools. Wyoming History Day is the state affiliate of National History Day. Wyoming History Day competition is open to all middle and high school students in Wyoming.

The National History Day student guidebook states: "The History Day program is an exciting way to study history and learn about issues, ideas, people, and events that interest you. History Day lets you express what you have learned through creative and original performances, documentaries, papers, or three-dimensional exhibits. Through History Day you will learn the skills and techniques of the historian and will discover new insights. At the competitions you will have the opportunity to meet students from other schools, exchange ideas, and demonstrate the results of your work."

District #7 History Day Competition Winners
Senior Division
Senior Historical Papers
1st: Andrea Noble, "Anesthesia: Constantly Impacting and Changing the Medical World" Pinedale H.S.
2nd: Morgane Vandendoren, "Power at Your Fingertips" - Green River H.S.
3rd: Dane Pratt, "A History of Electrical Innovations" - Green River H.S.

Senior Individual Documentary
1st: Baylee Colton, "The Innovation of the Railroad: Impact and Change"- Big Piney H.S.

Senior Individual Exhibit
1st: Geoffrey Gunter, "Expressionism"- Green River H.S.
2nd: Ace Mounteer, "Barbed Wire"- Green River H.S.
3rd: Spencer Lane, "Slavery" - Green River H.S.

Senior Group Exhibit
1st: Katharine Ross & Ana Tesal, "Can You Hear Me Now?" - Green River H.S.
2nd: Helen Schalow & Jacob Flores, "The Camera" - Green River H.S.
3rd: Austin Leo & Aitor Andikoetxea, "Welding" - Green River H.S.

Senior Group Performance
1st: Bethany Jones & Hannah Wendel, "Skirts Through the Century" - Green River H.S.
2nd: Jerry Stott & Will Crank, "National Wildlife Conservation" - Green River H.S.

Junior Division
Junior Historical Papers:
1st: Laura Noble, "How the Barbed Wire Innovation Impacted the American West" -
Pinedale M.S.

Junior Individual Exhibit
1st: Ginger Shenefelt, "Alfred Wegener" - Pinedale M.S.
2nd: Chase Anderson, "Alfred Nobel" - Pinedale M.S.
3rd: Jordan Keefe, "Photography" - Pinedale M.S.

Junior Group Exhibit
1st: Tayln Hutta & Heidi Feck, "Satellite Delight" - Pinedale M.S.
2nd: Eliza Nelson & Mariah Eaton, "Pyles of Newspaper" - Pinedale M.S.
3rd: Fallon Ramsey & Emily Trosclair, "An Ultra Screen Machine" - Pinedale M.S.

Junior Group Documentary
1st: Mark Fenn & Dalton Haase, "Sir Isaac Newton" - Pinedale M.S.

Junior Group Performance
1st: Grace Trosclair & Brookely Schamber, "The Heart That Keeps on Beating" - Pinedale M.S.

Junior Individual Performance
1st: Abigail Moller, "Theodore Roosevelt: Conservation" - Pinedale M.S.

Thank you to Ann Noble, District History Day Coordinator, for her contribution to this story.

Pinedale Online > News > April 2010 > History Day

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