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Pinedale Online > News > January 2008 > Rig Count Holds Steady as Gas Prices Rebound

Natural Gas Drill Rigs. Photo by Sublette Community Partnership.
Natural Gas Drill Rigs
Drill rig count in Sublette County by month. See for more detailed information about socioeconomics in Sublette County.
Rig Count Holds Steady as Gas Prices Rebound
44 active drilling rigs in Sublette County in January 2008
by Jeffrey Jacquet, Socioeconomic Analyst, Sublette Community Partnership
January 16, 2008

There are about 44 drilling rigs active in Sublette County (as of early January 2008), which is tied with last winter as having the most winter-time rig activity. 15 of these rigs are currently drilling in the Jonah Field, 28 in the Pinedale Anticline, and 1 rig is drilling outside of these areas, according to data from Drilling Records Inc. The count has held relatively steady for the past few months, declining from a high of 48 this past summer.

The current count of 44 matches what we saw last winter and means that both years are tied for the all-time high in winter-time drilling activity. Winter drilling pilot projects continue on the Pinedale Anticline, where wildlife restrictions had historically put a damper on rig activity in the winter months. The number of drilling rigs is the greatest driver of the non-resident or transient worker population temporarily residing in the area.

Natural gas prices have rebounded in the months of December and January, and as of January 16th, 2008 gas is trading at the Opal, Wyoming Hub at $7.82 per Thousand Cubic Feet, or about 50 cents shy of the Henry Hub and the national average. Natural gas had been trading locally at the discounted price of around $2 per Thousand Cubic Feet during the summer and fall of 2007.

Detailed charts and datasets on Sublette County rig counts and gas prices are available at

Pinedale Online > News > January 2008 > Rig Count Holds Steady as Gas Prices Rebound

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