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Pinedale Online > News > December 2007 > Smith, Brito, comment on Supreme Court ruling
Smith, Brito, comment on Supreme Court ruling
Court ruled candidate was not qualified to run for Pinedale Town Council position
by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online!
December 13, 2007

We asked Dave Smith and Robert Brito Jr. for their comments on the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the appeal on the District Courtís decision to uphold the annulment of the election of David Smith to the Pinedale Town Council in the 2006 municipal elections.

David M. Smith:

Q. What is your reaction to the ruling?

ĒThe Wyoming Supreme Courts decision is yet another example that we have reached a point in our government where the will of the people is ignored by our lawmakers.

This lawsuit was brought about by a sore loser who thought he could win an election easily.

Mr. Brito is not on the Pinedale Town Council and that decision was made by the voters of Pinedale.

Q. Considering you had the overwhelming support of many Pinedale residents who voted for you and wanted you to be on the Town Council to represent them, would you consider re-running again in the future?

As far as running again? Yes, and I'll make sure to be registered this time!

If the decent residents of Pinedale and Sublette County do not run for the boards and councils, we are inadvertently letting the political direction of our home be decided by folks who at best have very questionable agendas.Ē


Robert Brito Jr:

Q. What is your reaction to the ruling?

"Iím extremely excited about the decision. Iíve been waiting a year and a half for it and I got my Christmas present early!

A lot of people were upset that I brought this lawsuit on and thought I was doing it for sour grapes because I lost. I didnít gain anything. I tried to right a wrong.

The Supreme Court agreed with me and felt it had to be heard immediately. There was extreme concern across the state.

Eric Ashley and Dave Smith should have never, ever been put on the ballot. They were not registered voters, which should have been caught by the town clerk but was not, which is an essential part of the election.

I was in the Marine Corps for 13 years and fought for the right to vote. Itís part of the American spirit. All citzens should take part in their commuity. Thatís why we did it and it's been very hard for me and my wife, but we know we did the right thing!!

The Supreme Court decision is huge and will live on in election decisions for the future in our state. They said, ĎThis is how it should be done. Town to town, youíre not holding your elections correctlyí. This will make sure elections are fair and correct for everyone.

Q. Would you consider running again in the future?

"No, I will never run for town council ever again.

The reason I wanted to run in the first place was to participate in the outcome of where I live. Itís not for the money or postion. I wanted to help with my town where I live, and form my town, which is in a huge growth spurt right now.

Two town council positions come open in May with Gary Heuckís and Nylla Kunardís seats coming up. Absolutely not, I will not run."

Pinedale Online > News > December 2007 > Smith, Brito, comment on Supreme Court ruling

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