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Pinedale Online > News > December 2007 > Online registration available for Hunter Education
Online registration available for Hunter Education
by Wyoming Game & Fish
December 13, 2007

As Wyoming’s 2007 hunting seasons are waning, dreams of future hunts begin to take shape and many include sharing this special time in the field with new hunters. One of the first responsibilities for new hunters is the enrollment and completion of a Hunter Education class.

Hunter Education, in Wyoming, is required by state statute for hunters born on or after January 1, 1966. Hunter Ed classes run between 12-18 hours and volunteer instructors determine the class dates, time frames, and whether the class is traditional or an Internet field-day based upon community needs using the guidelines set by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Commission for all Hunter Education classes.

January marks the traditional start of the Hunter Education class season and many course offerings are now being scheduled to begin in 2008. One of the newest tools for Wyoming Hunter Education is the ability to enroll into a Hunter Education class on-line.

Those wanting to register on-line for a Hunter Education class need to start on the WGFD website: After entering the Department website, the enrollee opens the EDUCATION page. On the Education page, they will find the HUNTER EDUCATION link that leads to the Hunter Education Class Schedule.

When this page is opened, a listing of statewide Hunter Education classes can be viewed including: city, beginning date, ending date, start time, ending time, and the instructor’s name. To enroll, a student clicks the Enroll box to get to the registration page. Here a full name, date of birth, phone number, and gender are entered to complete registration. This page also includes site location, class specifics, and any additional information pertaining to a specific Hunter Education class.

Upon submitting the enrollment, a student will receive a printable confirmation with the details of the class. Instructors will receive a verification of class numbers and will be able to generate a class roster for the first night. When a specific class is full, a waiting list is created and prospective students will be notified by phone at least one-week prior if space becomes available. For this waiting list to be used effectively, those enrolled in a Hunter Education class that find themselves unable to attend are asked to cancel their registration on-line as soon as possible.

Game and Fish Regional Information and Education Specialists and Regional Office staff can help with local class registration. If further assistance is needed regarding Wyoming Hunter Education on-line registration or Hunter Education classes contact Margaret James at (307) 777-4583 or Jim Dawson at (307) 777-4531.

Pinedale Online > News > December 2007 > Online registration available for Hunter Education

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