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Pinedale Online > News > October 2007 > 4.0 Earthquake in Bondurant

US Earthquakes. Photo by USGS.
US Earthquakes
Earthquake map from October 31, 2007. USGS graphic.

Rocky Mtn Earthquakes. Photo by USGS.
Rocky Mtn Earthquakes
Earthquakes in the Rocky Mountain region. Map for October 31, 2007. USGS graphic.
4.0 Earthquake in Bondurant
by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online!
October 31, 2007

The U.S. Geological Survey reports that a 4.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Bondurant area around 11:23 PM Tuesday night (October 30, 2007). The quake was located approximately 12 miles Northeast of Bondurant and 26 miles East of Hoback. It occurred at a depth of 3.1 miles.

The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office dispatch told us Wednesday morning they had not received any reports associated with the quake. They received a call from CNN News late Tuesday night asking about damages.

Did you feel it? Let us know!

We felt it!
- "I live in Hoback Ranches and I felt it. It was very brief, but rattled the house." – Amy R.

- "We were wakened by the earthquake, as were most of our neighbors. Our subdivision is at the end of Highway 352 where it enters the Forest Service parking lot - on the west side of the river." - Judy A.

Earthquake in Jackson Hole on Sunday, October 28
On Sunday, there was a 3.1 earthquake felt in the Jackson area around 5:25 AM (October 28th) that lasted approximately five seconds. (We were at a conference in Jackson at Snow King Resort at the time. Some of the conference-goers felt it, others in the same building didn’t.) This quake was centered about 13 miles east of Jackson and was at a depth of about 3.1 miles. This quake was initially reported as a 3.0, and 12 miles east of Jackson.

Other earthquakes in the last 24 hours include (times are local):
7.2 magnitude, Northern Mariana Islands, 10/31/07, 1:30 PM

5.9 magnitude, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, 10/31/01, 4:44 AM
(There have been 5 other smaller rumbles under 4.0 magnitude up in that area)

5.6 magnitude, San Francisco Bay/San Jose area, California, 10/30/07, 8:04 PM
(9 miles NE from San Jose)

5.0 magnitude, Western Mongolia, 10/31/07, 5:06 PM

2.5 magnitude, Northern California, 74 miles WNW of Sacramento near The Geysers, 4:46 AM

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  • Pinedale Online > News > October 2007 > 4.0 Earthquake in Bondurant

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