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Pinedale Online > News > September 2007 > Union Pass fall colors

Mosquito Lake. Photo by Scott Almdale.
Mosquito Lake
Union Pass fall colors
by Scott Almdale
September 19, 2007

Scott Almdale decided to go to Dubois via the Union Pass Road several days ago and, out of curiosity to determine the total length of the distance and time to get there and back. It was 85 miles one way, about 37 miles of paved road and 48 miles of gravel road.

“The scenery was something to behold....and I was glad that I brought the camera along," he said.

"I thought the prominent peak I noticed among some of the tallest peaks (13,000 ft, more or less) on the entire Wind River Mountain Range was that of Gannett Peak. These peaks were sheltering some glaciers that could hardly be seen from Pinedale. I also wanted to see some fall color from the quakies. I think it is about one week or two more weeks before the color will peak. The Dubois Badlands on the other side of the Union Pass were awesome, too! I really enjoyed the trip!”

Union Pass Fall Colors. Photo by Scott Almdale.
Union Pass Fall Colors
Fall colors along the road climbing to Union Pass.

Upper Green Winds. Photo by Scott Almdale.
Upper Green Winds
The northern Wind River Mountains as seen from the Union Pass Road.

Gannett Peak and glacier. Photo by Scott Almdale.
Gannett Peak and glacier
Gannett Peak is the tall mountain on the left. A glacier holds snow on the right.

Wind River Mountains. Photo by Scott Almdale.
Wind River Mountains

Rugged Winds. Photo by Scott Almdale.
Rugged Winds

Striped rocks. Photo by Scott Almdale.
Striped rocks
Striped rocks of the "badlands".

Badlands. Photo by Scott Almdale.
Closer view of the "Badlands" around Dubois, as seen driving down from the Union Pass Road.

Dubois Badlands. Photo by Scott Almdale.
Dubois Badlands
The "badlands" near Dubois are visible along the drive down from Union Pass on the Dubois side. The Absaroka mountains are in the distance.

Wyoming Sunset. Photo by Scott Almdale.
Wyoming Sunset
Pinedale Online > News > September 2007 > Union Pass fall colors

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