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Pinedale Online > News > March 2007 > Final list of Governorís Action on 2007 Legislation
Final list of Governorís Action on 2007 Legislation
by Governor Freudenthal's Office
March 20, 2007

Here is the final list of action taken by Governor Dave Freudenthal on 2007 legislation:

MARCH 15, 2007
SF131/SEA92 Wyoming Cancer Control Act
SF89/SEA89 Long Term Care Choices
SF117/SEA86 Critical Access or Rural Hospital Endowment Program

MARCH 9, 2007
SF76/SEA77 Mental Health & Substance Abuse Appropriations

HB278/HEA126 Distribution of Federal Mineral Royalties
HB136/HEA122 Water Well Drilling Contractors
SF118/SEA73 Homicide Resulting in Termination of Pregnancy

MARCH 8, 2007
HB219/HEA117 Revisor*s bill
SF40/SEA69 Board of agriculture
SF119/SEA83 Wyoming Dental Practice Act
SF175/SEA85 Health care providers at correctional facilities
SF61/SEA88 Pharmacy Act amendments
HB196/HEA91 Appeal Bonds
HB313/HEA109 Use of false documents
HB76/HEA112 Livestock brand inspectors
HB274/HEA124 Real estate disclosure
SF115/SEA93 Wyoming health insurance pool
HB164/HEA96 Physician and dentist loan
HB251/HEA99 DUI test
HB326/HEA101 UW specialty license plates repayment program
HB300/HEA120 Adult protective services

MARCH 4, 2007
SF16/SEA67 School facilities-enhancement maintenance-2
SF27/SEA68 Livestock board
SF41/SEA70 School buses and zones-violations
SF77/SEA72 Liens by cooperative utilities
SF50/SEA74 Illegal taking of game with firearms
SF169/SEA78 Workers* compensation amendments
SF60/SEA79 State parks-site interpretation
SF63/SEA81 Emergency medical technicians-retirement study
SF86/SEA82 Newborn health screening
SF171/SEA84 Certification of documents
SF72/SEA91 Indian school education programs
SF54/SEA94 Drug court steering committee
HB21/HEA89 Child support-income withholding
HB176/HEA90 Property tax deferral program
HB226/HEA92 Real estate licensing
HB390/HEA93 Aboveground storage tanks
HB39/HEA94 Volunteer firemen-retirement
HB182/HEA97 Teacher shortage loan repayment program
HB227/HEA98 Unfair employment practices
HB269/HEA100 Waterworks franchises-elections
HB75/HEA102 Unemployment insurance amendments
HB246/HEA105 Surface water point source discharge permits
HB306/HEA106 Law enforcement interstate mutual aid
HB52/HEA107 Game and fish-license revenue recoupment
HB138/HEA108 Wyoming workforce housing infrastructure program
HB22/HEA111 Law enforcement-disposal of property
HB216/HEA116 Camp Guernsey improvements
HB224/HEA118 Real estate appraisers
HB270/HEA119 Construction contracts residence requirements
HB301/HEA121 Clean coal technology-2
HB97/HEA125 Hathaway scholarship program
HB319/HEA127 Sales and use tax exemption renewable resources
HB121/HEA128 Child support enforcement fees

MARCH 2, 2007:
HB213/HEA123 Game and fish-wolf management

FEB. 28, 2007:
SF78/SEA57 Telecommunications
SF166/SEA58 Drilling reports-confidentiality
SF2/SEA59 Wyoming Unitrust Act
SF31/SEA60 Automobile joint titles-transfer
SF66/SEA61 Unemployment compensation adjustment factor
SF85/SEA62 Wyoming conservation corps
SF106/SEA63 State grass
SF127/SEA64 Medicaid federal compliance-2
SF155/SEA65 Inviolate higher education funds
SF173/SEA66 State employee compensation
SF33/SEA71 Open containers of alcohol
HB69/HEA80 Uniform Trust Code-amendments
HB124/HEA81 Eminent domain-2
HB197/HEA82 Environmental quality council hearing examiner
HB247/HEA83 Buffalo Bill Cody historical papers
HB279/HEA84 Fire protection districts-mutually agreed divisions
HB115/HEA86 School finance-amendments
HB11/HEA87 Subdivisions-exemptions
HB93/HEA88 Sales tax on food-permanent exemption-2

FEB. 27, 2007:
HB1/HEA85 General government appropriations (signed except for Footnote 2 of Section 039, Wildlife/Natural Resources Trust, on Page 8, which was VETOED)
HB29/HEA73 Fleeing to elude a peace officer
HB42/HEA74 Developmental preschool funding
HB50/HEA75 Oil and gas units
HB74/HEA76 Department of health-provider contract restrictions
HB215/HEA77 Training for dispatchers
HB302/HEA78 Professional assistance programs-teachers
HB329/HEA79 Local option sales and use tax

FEB. 23, 2007:
HB125/HEA64 Livestock and brands
HB47/HEA65 Prevailing wage amendments
HB61/HEA66 Public schools-self-administered medications
HB99/HEA67 Hathaway scholarship program
HB318/HEA68 State lands leasing procedures
HB6/HEA69 State fire marshal-coordination
HB94/HEA70 Veteran's property tax exemption
HB177/HEA71 Community Human Services Act
HB288/HEA72 Saddlemount combinations
SF26/SEA32 Ports-of-entry mutual aid agreements
SF68/SEA33 Enforcement of cashier's checks
SF84/SEA34 Public funds time deposit and open accounts
SF113/SEA35 Highway construction contract threshold
SF116/SEA36 Public safety communications commission membership
SF126/SEA37 Wyoming main street program-2
SF137/SEA38 Omnibus water bill-construction
SF141/SEA39 Department of audit-amendments
SF167/SEA40 Consumer advocate sunset-extension
SF14/SEA41 School facilities-surplus buildings
SF45/SEA42 Dental student loan repayment program
SF64/SEA43 Nursery stock
SF114/SEA44 Air services financial aid
SF70/SEA45 Dispensing rooms-minors
SF139/SEA46 Real estate agents-errors and omissions insurance
SF121/SEA47 Peace officers-dependents' tuition
SF5/SEA48 Designated bicycle paths
SF42/SEA49 Cities and towns-alternative forms of government
SF44/SEA50 Medicaid federal compliance
SF57/SEA51 Special license plates-EMT's
SF108/SEA52 Grandparents visitation rights
SF163/SEA53 Maximum speed limit-vehicle or weather emergencies
SF80/SEA54 Telecommunications-exclusive contracts
SF100/SEA55 Public school teacher incentive program
SF148/SEA56 Public improvement-construction

FEB. 22, 2007:
HB139/HEA53 Storage tanks remediation program
HB27/HEA57 Interstate compact for arrest of fugitives-repeal
HB112/HEA58 Tuition-survivors of specified deceased public servants
HB114/HEA59 Tobacco products-self service displays
HB200/HEA60 Sale of land to Uinta county
HB240/HEA61 Game and fish-crossbow restrictions
HB294/HEA62 Sale of land to town of Newcastle
HB304/HEA63 Investment of state funds
SF69/SEA28 Felony driving under the influence

FEB. 21, 2007:
HB189/HEA43 Prison contraband
HB195/HEA44 Killing or injuring police animal-felony
HB201/HEA45 Publication of county commissioner meetings
HB202/HEA46 Municipal growth management
HB72/HEA47 Required payments as condition of parole
HB31/HEA48 Charter school amendments
HB67/HEA50 Interstate fire compact
HB151/HEA51 Resort districts-sales and use tax
HB236/HEA52 Omnibus water bill-planning
HB41/HEA54 Developmental disabilities-emergency services
HB127/HEA55 Film production incentives
HB133/HEA56 Department of Health client information sharing
SF120/SEA26 Retirement system-rehired retirees
SF159/SEA27 Emergency detention-county costs
SF111/SEA29 Vehicle dealers-2
SF25/SEA30 DUI-child endangerment
SF38/SEA31 Judicial salaries

FEB. 16, 2007:
HB16/HEA27 Community based in-home services
HB48/HEA28 Wyoming Health Care Decisions Act
HB65/HEA29 Defrauding drug and alcohol screening tests
HB83/HEA30 Game and fish penalties
HB7/HEA31 Fire protection districts-bonding
HB14/HEA32 Adjutant general-procurement procedures
HB15/HEA33 State employees retirement-military credit
HB26/HEA34 Great grandparents visitation rights
HB30/HEA35 Cities and towns-public band concerts
HB32/HEA36 Senior services board-2
HB77/HEA37 Funeral protesting
HB134/HEA38 Involuntary hospitalization proceedings
HB149/HEA39 Advisory Council on Aging
HB171/HEA40 Theft of fuel
HB272/HEA41 Liquor license signatories
HB148/HEA42 Municipal park vacation

FEB. 15, 2007:
HB13/HEA14 Multipurpose vehicles
HB18/HEA15 Military Service Relief Act amendments
HB20/HEA16 Senior status judge compensation
HB38/HEA17 School districts-bond issues
HB40/HEA18 Select committee on developmental programs
HB45/HEA19 State employee compensation commission
HB56/HEA20 Limited liability limited partnerships
HB62/HEA21 Natural resource large project funding
HB64/HEA22 County attorney salaries
HB92/HEA23 Election code-revisions
HB172/HEA24 Public employee retirement-purchase of service credit
HB221/HEA25 Controlled Substances Act
HB263/HEA26 Oil and gas conservation commission-rules
HB332/HEA49 Bingo
SF23/SEA5 Gambling-definitions
SF4/SEA8 Lethal injection
SF6/SEA9 National guard honorary members
SF8/SEA10 License plate reassignment
SF10/SEA11 Military department-criminal background checks
SF17/SEA12 Risk based capital for health organizations
SF18/SEA13 Insurance department-rules
SF19/SEA14 Insurance department-accreditation
SF30/SEA15 State lands
SF48/SEA16 Community colleges-carryover restrictions
SF58/SEA17 Community colleges-property tax expenditures
SF95/SEA18 Fire protection-mutual aid
SF97/SEA19 Law enforcement retirement-scope of duties
SF109/SEA20 School facilities-amendments-2
SF149/SEA21 Abandoned mine land funds account
SF59/SEA22 State lands-land transfer
SF107/SEA23 County attorneys-reimbursement formula
SF96/SEA24 Annexation-notification of boundary change
SF79/SEA25 Special municipal officers-citation authority

FEB. 14, 2007:
HB3/HEA5 Commercial drivers licenses
HB4/HEA6 Business entities-reinstatement
HB9/HEA7 Corporations-bearer shares
HB19/HEA8 Incest-increase in penalties
HB178/HEA9 Sales and use tax-telecommunications
HB254/HEA10 Law enforcement retirement
HB179/HEA11 Fuel tax collection
HB102/HEA12 Wheat marketing commission
HB123/HEA13 Seed laws
SF12/SEA1 Sex offenses by corrections personnel
SF20/SEA2 Animal euthanasia technicians
SF75/SEA3 Wyoming tourism board
SF83/SEA4 Wyoming business council-repeal sunset
SF39/SEA6 Game and fish violations
SF36/SEA7 Sex offender harboring/registration

FEB. 13, 2007:
HB17/HEA1 School facilities-major maintenance enforcement
HB70/HEA2 Game and fish-license fees
HB82/HEA3 Health insurance contributions-higher education
HB103/HEA4 State assessed property

Pinedale Online > News > March 2007 > Final list of Governorís Action on 2007 Legislation

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