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Pinedale Online > News > March 2007 > Cirque of the Towers featured in Backpacker magazine

Backpacker Magazine. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Backpacker Magazine
April, 2007, Backpacker magazine.
Cirque of the Towers featured in Backpacker magazine
Towers of the Gods Adventure – April, 2007 Backpacker
by Pinedale Online!
March 18, 2007

The April, 2007, Northwest Edition of Backpacker magazine features an article about hiking in Wyoming’s Cirque of the Towers area of the Wind River Mountain Range. The article, entitled, “Towers of the Gods: A lifelong climber comes full circle in Wyoming’s Wind River Range,” is written by Greg Child, with photographs by Ace Kvale.

The author first came to hike the Winds in 1979. Shortly into his Wind River Range hike, he collapsed due to a medical condition before he could get very far up the Big Sandy trailhead (ended up being due to impacted, infected wisdom teeth).

Some 27 years later, he was finally able to return to the Winds to finish his hike. He and photographer Ace Kvale, hiked in the Cirque of the Towers area last September, coincidentally during the time when the wilderness area was alive with searchers looking for missing hiker, Wyoming Public Defender Ken Koski.

Child writes, “No, there’s no K2. But the wiser-with-years climber knows it’s the totality of the experience—the luxurious views, the idyllic campsites, even the genial, and sometimes trip-defining interactions with other wanderers—and not just the size of the peaks, that creates lasting memories.”

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Pinedale Online > News > March 2007 > Cirque of the Towers featured in Backpacker magazine

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