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Pinedale Online > News > January 2007 > Housing Trends in Sublette County
Housing Trends in Sublette County
New report says 86% of homes currently on the market are out of reach of the average Sublette County family
January 16, 2007

If the trends of the last 5 years continue, Sublette County can expect about 500 new houses and at least 1000 new people from 2007 to 2010 according to a new report on Sublette County real estate trends. The report also calculates that the average Sublette County family can afford a $225,000 house, and that 14% of houses currently listed for sale are at or below that figure.

Jeffrey Jacquet, the socioeconomic analyst who works for the Sublette Community Partnership, said he wrote the report with the hope that it will help put some of the county's proposed housing developments in perspective.

"I went to a joint Planning and Zoning meeting late last year and a lot of people were asking for this type of information," said Jacquet. "Hopefully, the report will help the boards and the community when it comes to these big development proposals."

The report lists the number of new housing constructions, home sales, home sale prices, median family income levels, housing affordability, demographic patterns, population trends, and much more for the past several years.

Jacquet also spoke with a number of area real estate agents about what types of demand they are seeing in the county and how many more homes they think might need to be built.

"Affordability and available rentals seem to be the biggest obstacles in their business," Jacquet said. "If you averaged their responses, they seemed to say the county could sell maybe 50 more houses a year especially if they were quality and below 200K in price."

The 22-page report can be downloaded at, a website Jacquet started to house social and economic information related to Sublette County and other "Boomtowns" of the past.

Pinedale Online > News > January 2007 > Housing Trends in Sublette County

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