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Pinedale Online > News > July 2006 > Jim Creek Fire Update: 700 acres

Jim Creek Fire. Photo by USFS.
Jim Creek Fire
The Jim Creek Fire puts up heavy smoke at times as it makes runs in high fuels. This fire is in the wilderness northeast of New Fork Lakes. It is being allowed to burn for resource benefit. USFS photo.

Jim Creek Fire July 16. Photo by USFS.
Jim Creek Fire July 16
USFS photo.
Jim Creek Fire Update: 700 acres
Fire ‘right place at the right time’
July 19, 2006

"The Jim Creek fire is in the right place at the right time and doing good things for the land," said Jim Creek Fire Public Information Officer Jack de Golia. "We're carefully reviewing the potential the fire has to affect private property and things we value." The fire is being carefully monitored and allowed to burn to benefit resources in the area.

The Jim Creek fire began on June 26 from lightning, 24 miles north of Pinedale, in the Bridger Wilderness. It is located east of The Place and a drainage north of New Fork Lakes. Smoke from the fire is clearly visible to anyone traveling Highway 352 on the way to Green River Lakes. Homes and structures in the Upper Green–Moose/Gypsum area are not threatened.

The fire is above 8800 feet in elevation and away from private property. It is burning in an area where such natural fires are permissible. The fire is currently about 700 acres, burning unevenly in what fire managers call a "mosaic" pattern, with some burned and some not burned.

On Monday afternoon and evening, fire monitors saw trees torching and short runs of crown fire which account for most of the fire growth of the last two days. On Tuesday the fire was less intense. There was mainly ground fire and isolated torching of single trees and groups of trees. The fire hasn't moved west recently and is slowly moving east in several areas. The fire is expected to creep, smolder, and occasionally flare up when single trees or groups of trees torch. The fire's movement will be dictated by where the fuel is and by wind.

Two fire personnel are monitoring the fire, assisted by a helicopter and other aircraft as needed. A team of fire experts is developing a long-term plan for managing the fire. The plan will include predictions about how and where the fire might burn, and what steps fire personnel could take to keep the fire burning where it will do some good.

Area Closures: The Jim Creek drainage is closed starting at Forest Road 710.

For questions, concerns or more information about the Jim Creek Fire, contact Jack de Golia, Jim Creek Fire Public Information Officer at the Pinedale Ranger District office, (307) 367-5713.

More information, photos and maps are available online for current wildfires at The Jim Creek Fire update is at:

Pinedale Online > News > July 2006 > Jim Creek Fire Update: 700 acres

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