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Pinedale Online > News > June 2006 > GOP says Freudenthal administration Ďabusiveí
GOP says Freudenthal administration Ďabusiveí
Press release regarding GOP request for public documents
June 21, 2006

Pinedale Online Editorís Note: Below is a press release issued by Wyoming Republican Party Chairman Drake Hill regarding their recent request for public documents from a number of Wyoming state offices under the Freudenthal administration. The Governorís office stated in official responses that all departments have been instructed to fully comply with the GOPís request. When asked today if Governor Freudenthal has asked the GOP for any documents, Lara Azar, Press Secretary for the Office of Gov. Dave Freudenthal, told Pinedale Online, "No, we haven't requested anything." The Governor's Office wrote the GOP today asking for clarification of their request: State Seeks Clarification of Request (PDF of letter). For more information on the Wyoming Republican Party and their stance on issues for the upcoming election, see their website:

Wyoming State GOP press release:

Republicans Request Public Documents
Freudenthal responds negatively
(Casper) The Wyoming Republican Party on June 9, sent letters to state agencies, including the governorís office, requesting specific information contained in public records.

Today the governor responded by forwarding the request to media outlets statewide including a letter from his attorney suggesting the chairman of the Wyoming Republican Party is naÔve. The letter also stated that the records requested could number in the 10s or hundreds of thousands.

Wyoming Republican Party Chairman Drake Hill said, "We have made a very specific request of the governorís office. We believe the people of Wyoming deserve to know where and with whom the governor is flying in state jets. We also believe the people of Wyoming deserve to know the relationship between state government and the governorís wife and his brother. If records evidencing those relationships number in the 10s or hundreds of thousands, there is a significant problem in the Freudenthal administration."

"It also begs the questions: Is this how all public records requests will be handled by the governorís office? If a member of the public asks for specific information, will that request be forwarded to every media outlet in the state, posted on the governorís website and routed through his attorney? This is an abusive reaction to what should be a natural process in a system of open government. This marks a continuing pattern of abusive conduct from the Freudenthal administration." Hill said.

Pinedale Online > News > June 2006 > GOP says Freudenthal administration Ďabusiveí

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