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Pinedale Online > News > June 2006 > BLM NEPA Hot Sheet Available Online
BLM NEPA Hot Sheet Available Online
June 8, 2006

In effort to make more information available to the public on the many projects and plans underway, Wyoming Bureau of Land Management has added a "Hot Sheet" to the Wyoming BLM NEPA web page.

This Hot Sheet features a list of the more complex plans and projects in an easily readable format. Points of contact, project status, web links and a map is also be included.

To view the Hot Sheet go to and click on "Hot Sheet."

Projects listed in the Pinedale/western Wyoming area include:

Jack Morrow Hills Coordinated Activity Plan (CAP) EIS* The Supplemental Draft EIS for this 570,000-acre CAP for an area, about 30 mi. north of Rock Springs, WY was issued in February 2003. NEPA Status: 90 -day review period ended May 23, 2003. Over 69,000 comments were received. NOA of FEIS published in Federal Register July 16, 2004. 30-day protest period ended August 16, 2004. Protests are being evaluated by WO. ROD anticipated June 2006.Contact: Renee Dana, Rock Springs FO (307-352-0227). Web site:

Pinedale RMP Revision EIS The Pinedale RMP was completed in 1988. It covers 931,000 acres of public surface ownership and 1,185,000 acres of federal mineral estate. Main issues include oil and gas development and big game habitat. NEPA Status: Scoping period opened February 3 and continued thru April 7, 2003. RMP ID Team currently revising alternatives to comply with the National sage-grouse strategy and to incorporate performance-based language DEIS release postponed until September 2006. Contact: Kellie Roadifer, Pinedale FO (307-367-5309). Web site is:

South Piney Natural Gas EIS The EIS will evaluate proposals made by Infinity Oil and Gas of Wyoming for coalbed (CBM) methane development in the Riley Ridge to Fish Creek area, and by Cimerex for Frontier Formation sweet gas in the same general area. Proponents are revising their proposal previously described in NOI. NEPA Status: NOI was published in the Federal Register January 29, 2003. Release of DEIS anticipated late 2006. Contact: Caleb Hiner, Pinedale, (307-367-5352).
Web site:

Kemmerer Resource Management Plan (RMP) Revision The Kemmerer Resource Management Plan was completed in 1986 and addressed 1.4 million acres of public land surface ownership and 1.6 million of federal mineral estate. NEPA Status. Revision of the RMP initiated by Federal Register publication of NOI June 16, 2003. Alternatives have been developed. DEIS preparation is in progress. Contact: Michele Easley, Kemmerer, (307-828-4500). Web site:

Jonah Infill EIS In October 2002 EnCana Oil and Gas, BP America companies submitted a proposal to the Pinedale Field Office to expand development within the current Modified Jonah II Project Area. The proposed action (as of November 2003) consists of drilling and completing up to 3,100 new wells and associated facilities on approximately 30,500 acres within the previously defined Modified Jonah Field II Natural Gas Project Area southeast of Big Piney, WY. NOI in the Federal Register March 14, 2003. NEPA status: Release of DEIS February 11, 2005. Release of Air Quality Report August 9, 2005. FEIS issued January13, 2006. ROD issued March 14, 2006. Contact: Mike Stiewig, Pinedale, (307) 367-5363. Web site: This is the last time this project will appear in the Hot Sheet.

Absaroka Ridge 3D Geophysical EA Gary Williams Co & PGS Onshore Inc. have filed a notice of intent to conduct geophysical operations with the BLM. The proposed project area is located about 5 miles northwest Kemmerer and would include about 51 square miles. Approximately two-thirds of the area is in federal ownership, with the remaining third in private ownership and State ownership (approx. 3.5 sq.miles). NEPA Status: EA/FONSI/DR issued April 27, 2006.. Contact: James Roberts, Project Leader, (307) 828-4506. Website:

Three Forks 3D Geophysical Project EA Zinke & Trumbo, Inc. and PGS Onshore, Inc. have filed a notice of intent to conduct geophysical operations in an area that is approximately 8 miles northeast of Evanston, WY and southeast of Woodruff Narrows Reservoir. The proposed project is for approximately 18 square miles or 11,456 acres in size of which about 44,066 acres are federal land. The portions of the project that are proposed to occur on State and private land are not subject to BLM authorization and can be authorized separately. NEPA Status: scoping for EA preparation was initiated June 13, 2005 and completed July 15, 2005. Implementation was delayed at the request of the proponent. The proponent expects to begin staking in early July 2006 Contact: James Roberts, Project Leader, Kemmerer FO (307) 828-4506. Web site:

Pinedale Anticline Oil & Gas Exploration and Development Supplemental EIS In response to requests for the BLM to consider year-round drilling activities in areas previously subject to timing lease stipulations in big game winter range, the BLM has initiated the preparation of a supplemental EIS (SEIS) for the Pinedale Anticline project area (PAPA) FEIS/ROD 2000. The FEIS is being supplemented in response to operators’ requests to drill or complete or both natural gas wells in big game winter range. NEPA Status: The BLM published a NOI to prepare a SEIS in the Federal Register October 21, 2005. Public scoping comments were requested on or before November 21, 2005. IDT developing range of alternatives. An air quality modeling protocol is in review by interagency air quality team. Contact: Matt Anderson, Project Leader, Pinedale FO 307-367-5328.

Bridger-Teton National Forest Plan Revision–updated April 2006 Lead agency: USDA Forest Service, Bridger – Teton National Forest, Jackson, WY. National Forest located in N.W. WY. Plan revision includes analysis of oil and gas leasing of National Forest System lands and management of Federal mineral estate, including specified lease stipulations. NEPA Status: Plan is being revising under the 2005 Forest Service updated planning regulations therefore it is not subject to the NEPA process. Contact: John Kuzloski, B-TNF, (307-739-5500) Web site:

Pinedale Online > News > June 2006 > BLM NEPA Hot Sheet Available Online

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