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Pinedale Online > News > April 2006 > Candidate Ray Hunkins visits Pinedale
Candidate Ray Hunkins visits Pinedale
Pledges Commitment to Wyoming, Not to Political Career
by Bob Rule
April 2, 2006

(Pinedale) Republican gubernatorial candidate Ray Hunkins pledged to an enthusiastic crowd of voters in Pinedale on Sunday that the welfare of the people of Wyoming will be first in his mind as governor, not the welfare of his own political career.

"I am not running for governor because I'm interested in a political career," said Hunkins. "I'm running for governor to go down to Cheyenne and get some things done for this state before I go home to my ranch to play with my grandkids."

"I'm not a politician and I'm not interested in running for governor so I can go on to Washington later on down the road. I'm running for governor to make sure that the old bumper sticker that read, 'Lord, give us another mineral boom and we promise not to screw it up this time' doesn't come into high demand once again."

Hunkins visited Pinedale as part of a 16 day, 23 county tour of Wyoming to kick off his campaign.

Hunkins also spoke to the gathering at the Sublette County library about the need to return local control to Wyoming's counties, communities and school boards.

"Mayors and county commissioners and school board members shouldn't be made to crawl down to Cheyenne to beg for resources to serve their constituents," said Hunkins.

"I'm running as a REAL Republican, and that means keeping our government small and right next door.", said Hunkins. Many Wyoming Republicans have been concerned over the growing number of "Republicans In Name Only", or "RINOs", who have registered as Republicans, but when elected, tend to vote like Democrats. Hunkins made it clear that he is a genuine, real, Republican, and that he intends to uphold the Platform of the Republican Party.

Hunkins, 67, is a rancher, attorney and civic leader from Platte County. Four years ago, Hunkins came in second place in the GOP primary election for Governor. At this point in time, Hunkins is the only GOP candidate to declare his intentions to seek the GOP nomination for Governor of Wyoming.

Pinedale Online > News > April 2006 > Candidate Ray Hunkins visits Pinedale

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