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Pinedale Online > News > October 2005 > Long Distance phone outage in Pinedale
Long Distance phone outage in Pinedale
by Bob Rule, KPIN 101.1 FM Radio
October 13, 2005

POL Editor's Note: The Pinedale phone outage problem continues as of Friday morning. If you need to reach someone in Pinedale by calling long distance, it appears CELL PHONE calls will go through to Pinedale phone numbers. Use a cell phone to reach your Pinedale destination, instead of a land line, and your call should go through.


This afternoon, (and maybe earlier, too), people have been receiving phone calls in Pinedale, and when they answer, no one will talk to them.

It's not a prank... it's a problem that Qwest is having with their long distance connection to Pinedale. Whether the long distance call originates in Big Piney or Bangledesh, it is passed off to the local phone company, Century-Tel, in Pinedale, by Qwest.

Qwest has experienced an equipment failure, and the long distance calls which are dialed into Pinedale have been coming in with a "one-way-only" audio path. That means that the person calling you in Pinedale can hear you just fine, but you can't here them! As a result, you might want to not cuss out that person who appears to be calling you over and over and over again without talking.

In other observed instances, the caller who is calling you in Pinedale hears ringing, ringing, and ringing... and your phone doesn't ring in Pinedale. Thus, they think you are literally Out To Lunch, when indeed, the problem is your phone never rang.

Qwest technicians have been working on the problem, and they continue to work on the problem. No estimated time is available as to when it will be repaired.

Outgoing long distance phone calls are not a problem, and local calls are working fine.

KPIN Audio Broadcast:
Phone Outage in Pinedale (1.6 MB wav | 1.2 MB mp3)

Pinedale Online > News > October 2005 > Long Distance phone outage in Pinedale

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