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Pinedale Online > News > October 2005 > Governor comments on wildlife stipulations

Governor Freudenthal. Photo by State of Wyoming.
Governor Freudenthal
Wyoming Governor, Dave Freudenthal, opposes relaxing seasonal wildlife restrictions for energy development.
Governor comments on wildlife stipulations
Freudenthal sends a letter to Rep. Barbara Cubin
October 4, 2005

In a recent letter to Rep. Barbara Cubin (R-Wyoming), Governor Dave Freudenthal said he believed increasing funding for staff and technical expertise on pipelines, permitting and environmental analysis would do far more to expedite energy development than ending valuable seasonal wildlife stipulations.

In the letter, Freudenthal said he had significant reservations about ongoing House Committee on Resources discussions that would effectively put an end to seasonal wildlife stipulations.

The BLM’s present approach of imposing winter stipulations and having industry request a variance from these stipulations has served to protect both game and non-game species while still allowing industry to conduct necessary operations when appropriate and carefully crafted, Freudenthal said. The state has supported several well-crafted modifications.

"Historically, seasonal wildlife stipulations have protected Wyoming’s highly valued wildlife resources during those times when they are most vulnerable," the Governor wrote. "To add the pressures and stress of industrial development in these sparse winter habitats, identified by wildlife experts as crucial to the survival of the state’s big game herds and other wildlife species, in an unfettered fashion does not seem sound."

"The better course may be to consider the more pressing reasons for industry delay. To this end, the need for additional permit analysts and planners within the BLM and state regulatory agencies is apparent," wrote Freudenthal. "I would request that the discussion of removing seasonal wildlife stipulations be replaced with a focus on increasing federal dollars for staff and technical expertise related to pipelines, permitting and environmental analysis. By shifting the dialogue to address these needs, our state’s wildlife will be protected and development can be achieved at an increased pace."

The complete text of the Governor’s letter to Rep. Barbara Cubin can be found online on the Wyoming state website: GOVERNOR: SEASONAL STIPULATIONS SHOULD STAY

Pinedale Online > News > October 2005 > Governor comments on wildlife stipulations

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