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Pinedale Online > News > February 2005 > Why I like Pinedale
Why I like Pinedale
February 15, 2005

Here is another e-mail from a visitor about what they like about Pinedale. Thank you to all who have written and sent in their stories about what they like about the Pinedale area! We always enjoy hearing from you.

"Although I had worked on a seismic crew for 2 years in the late 60's throughout Wyoming, I had never stopped in Pinedale. In 1975, my wife Peg, wanted to visit Yellowstone Pk. I had lived in Cody for about 5 months, so I wasn't totally thrilled, but she had never seen Yellowstone. We took off for a 2 week sojourn thru Wyoming in a 1972 VW bus. We packed our fishing gear and plenty of beer, & our 1 yr old female black lab; I took all of the seats out except for the 2 front, reasoning that the microbus was going to be our major motel for 2 weeks. After stopping at Boysen Res. for a swim, and visiting the museum at Cody, we headed thru Sunlight Basin, Red Lodge, and the NE corn of the Park. After spending 3 days there, I was totally frizzled from the crowds, so we headed S. to Jackson, with a fishing stop at Slide Lake. With about 5 days left on our 2 weeks, We stopped in Pinedale mid afternoon. I asked a young red headed kid working at the ice house if there was any good fishing around. He gave us directions to the upper end of Boulder Lake.(pretty rough then) We have been back about every 3 yrs. since." Colorado

Pinedale Online > News > February 2005 > Why I like Pinedale

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