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Fremont Lake in late January. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Fremont Lake in late January
The surface of Fremont Lake was frozen as of Tuesday, January 25th, but the ice isn't very thick. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Ice Fishing area lakes
Lakes are frozen, but not really well
by Dawn Ballou
January 26, 2005

Usually by the end of January we’ve had several weeks of below zero temperatures to put a good thick layer of ice on area lakes for safe ice fishing. Not so this year. Despite the current conditions, the Pinedale Boat Club is still planning on holding their annual Big Fish Ice Fishing Derby on Fremont Lake the weekend of March 5-6. More details on that will be posted as the event date gets closer.

Fremont Lake still wasn’t frozen by mid-January. It has ice on it now, but it is not very thick, at least at the lower end of the lake, and soft spots are readily apparent. The report is about the same for Half Moon Lake. Half Moon Lake Resort personnel told us the lake has about 6-8” of ice, but there are obvious soft spots, grey areas, and places with visible overflow water.

"People are staying pretty close to shore," said Half Moon Lake Resort Manager Aaron Gesch. "Because of the recent warm weather, there are soft spots. I would use caution if going out," he said. Fortunately, people ice fishing on Half Moon Lake right now seem to be doing so with extreme caution and not venturing too far out on the lake. In good years, people drive out on the lake on snowmachines to reach their favorite ice fishing locations. In fact, for some it is as much fun to zip across the open lake surface on the snowmachines as it is to be out ice fishing. This year, people are aware of the soft ice and poorly frozen conditions and are staying off the lake with snowmobiles.

As an aside for those of you wondering about the progress of the winter remodeling and awaiting the reopening of Half Moon Lake Resort, the latest report as of yesterday is they are on schedule to be open Memorial Day weekend. If you want to make a reservation, either call and leave a message on their answering machine, or visit their website and send them an e-mail inquiry about dates of activities for this summer. Half Moon Lake Resort has personnel there this winter, but they are there working on the remodeling getting ready for the summer season, and are not necessarily close to the phone. The resort is closed for the winter and there are no services for food or lodging for ice fisherman at the lake.

Two weeks ago, Fremont Lake still had open water. As of Tuesday, January 26th, the surface appeared frozen, but not really well, at least on the lower end of the lake near the summer homes and Lakeside Lodge. Anyone going out on the lake is urged to use extreme caution and test the ice before going out.

See our Ice Fishing page for more information about area ice fishing opportunities.

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Pinedale Online > News > January 2005 > Ice Fishing area lakes

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