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Magestic Buck. Photo by Clint Gilchrist.
Magestic Buck
Mule deer stand on a sagebrush ridge with the snow-capped Wind River mountain range in the background. Photo by Clint Gilchrist.
Christmas Photo Gallery
Deer, moose, beautiful Wyoming scenery
by Dawn Ballou, Editor
December 27, 2004

Editorís Note: We have often said you can get in the truck anytime and point it in any direction and youíll see gorgeous scenery and tons of wildlife. Be sure to bring a camera! This is an incredible place to live and be able to see big game on a daily basis.

Those of you who are our regular readers probably have figured out that we have somewhat of a competition going on all the time between our photographers to see who can outdo the others and get the most awesome picture to make it to the front page and bump the other guy down. Right now, we have three photographers who all want their pictures on the front page for you to see. So we are rotating them, and we hope youíre checking back every day so you donít miss any of them. We still have a lot more great ones from over Christmas weekend that we want to share, so we hope you enjoy our Christmas photo album! These are especially for those of you who are far from home and missing Wyoming and loved ones!

Thank you to all who have written commenting on the photos. Our photographers and writers love to hear from you! Happy Holidays!

Photos by Dave Bell, Clint Gilchrist, and Dawn Ballou

Happy Holidays. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
Happy Holidays
Green wreaths and red bows decorate many ranch entry roads in our valley this time of year.

Christmas Eve Sunset. Photo by Dave Bell.
Christmas Eve Sunset
The sunset was stunning on Christmas Eve. Photo by Dave Bell.

Bow Mountain. Photo by Dave Bell.
Bow Mountain
View of the upper Pine Creek Pine Creek drainage above Fremont Lake as seen from the Glimpse Lake trail. Photo by Dave Bell.

Road Kill Eagle. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
Road Kill Eagle
A bald eagle waits until the last minute to leave a roadkill on Hwy 191 between Pinedale and the Daniel junction.

Bald Eagle. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
Bald Eagle
A mature bald eagle watches for his chance to get back on a roadkill on the highway.

Daniel Christmas cottage. Photo by Clint Gilchrist.
Daniel Christmas cottage
A tiny log cabin is decked out with Christmas cheer in Daniel, Wyoming.

Big Piney Holiday Derrick. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
Big Piney Holiday Derrick
The drill rig in Big Piney was decorated with wreaths and snowflakes for the holiday season.

Drill Rig Holiday Trim. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
Drill Rig Holiday Trim
Big Piney decorated the drill rig by the Green River Valley Museum with a wreath, Christmas trees and deer.

Orcutt Hill Moose. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
Orcutt Hill Moose
Three moose linger along the base of Orcutt Hill in north Pinedale.

Orcutt Moose. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
Orcutt Moose
In Pinedale, it's not unusual to wake up and find moose in your front yard.

Fremont Peak Deer. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
Fremont Peak Deer
A herd of mule deer does in the South Cottonwood Creek area west of Pinedale.

On the run. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
On the run
A herd of mule deer bound off through the sagebrush in South Cottonwood Creek.

Mule Deer Hop. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
Mule Deer Hop
Mule deer hop on all four legs at once when bounding away.

Fremont Peak Alpenglow. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
Fremont Peak Alpenglow
Cattle converge on an empty haystack pen to clean up the remaining hay as dusk settles on Fremont Peak and the Wind River mountains.

Mama Moose. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
Mama Moose
A cow moose walks along the snowy residential streets in Pinedale.

December antelope. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
December antelope
Antelope move through the Green River Valley to their southern wintering grounds.

Daniel Cattle Herd. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
Daniel Cattle Herd
A cowdog keeps watch on a herd of cattle just south of the small community of Daniel, Wyoming.

Desert Sunset. Photo by Dawn Ballou.
Desert Sunset
Sunset over the Mesa desert at the end of Christmas Day.
Pinedale Online > News > December 2004 > Christmas Photo Gallery

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