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Living With Wolves: Tips for avoiding conflict (March, 2002): International Wolf Center - Teaching the World about Wolves. Most people will never see a wolf, let alone have a conflict with one. Wolves can, however, lose their fear of humans through habituation and may approach camping areas, homes or humans. When this happens, there is an increased possibility for conflict between wolves and humans. Read this paper for guidelines you can follow to avid the chance of wolf habituation and conflict while living and visiting wolf country... (544K, 11 pages PDF)

Too Close for Comfort: The problem of habituated wolves (September, 2003): International Wolf Center - Teaching the World about Wolves. More and more, wolves that get too close to humans are killed to avoid negative interactions between wolves and humans... (490K, 2 page PDF)

Yellowstone After Wolves (April, 2003): Douglas W. Smith, Rolf O. Peterson, and Doughlas B. Houston. With gray wolves restored to Yellowstone National Park, this ecosystem once again supoprts the full native array of large ungulates and their attendant large carnivores. This paper considers the possible impications of wolf restoration in the context of another national park, Isle Royale, where wolves restored themselves a half-century ago. At Isle Royale, where resident mammals are relatively few, wolves completely eliminated coyotes and went on to influence moose population dynamics, which had implications for forest growth and composition. The authors predict a similar effect, to a degree, in Yellostone National Park, with reduced elk and coyote densities... (868K, 11 page PDF)

Places for Wolves: A Blueprint for Restoration and Recovery in the Lower 48 States (2006): Defenders of Wildlife. Through innovative conservation programs, extensive public education and outreach and, when necessary, legal action, Defenders helped restore gray wolves to Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho and played key roles in the reintroduction of Mexican wolves in the Southwest and red wolves in the Southeast. "Recovery of these important specites represents a major step in both restoring ecological balances and correcting earlier errors in public policy."... (1.08 MB, 40 page PDF)

Rocky Mountain Wolf Recovery - 2006 Interagency Annual Report (8/3/87): Prepared by the US Fish & Wildlife Service, Nez Perce Tribe, National Park Service, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Idaho Fish & Game and USDA Wildlife Services. January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006. (7,735K, 235 page PDF)

Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf Recovery Plan (8/3/87): Prepared by the US Fish & Wildlife Service in cooperation with the Rocky Mountain Wolf Recovery Team (6621K, 146 page PDF)

Rocky Mountain Wolf Recovery 2005 Interagency Annual Report (2006): Status, distribution and management of the Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf population from January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2005. (2744K, 155 page PDF)

Technical Analysis of the 12-Month Finding by the USFWS Regarding Wyoming’s Petition to Delist the Northern Rocky Mountain Distinct Population Segment of Gray Wolf (9/29/06): By the Wyoming Game & Fish Department. (420K, 60 page PDF)

Final Wyoming Gray Wolf Management Plan (8/6/03): By the Wyoming Game & Fish Department. (621K, 155 page PDF)

Idaho Dog Brochure Reducing Conflicts Between Dogs and Wolves in Idaho (253K, 4 page PDF)

Wolves and Hunting Dogs in Wisconsin - A Guide for Reducing Conflict between Wolves and Hunting Dogs (780K, 2 page PDF)

Montana Depredation Guide (12/18/06): Rancher's Guide to Wolf Depredation. By Dr. Jim Knight, Montana State University Extension Service. (248K, 2-page PDF)

Evaluation of Wolf Control to Reduce Cattle Predation in Canada By Ronald R. Bjorge and John R. Gunson, Journal of Range Management Rancher's Guide to Wolf Depredatin, November 1985. (576K, 5-page PDF)

Dealing with Wolf Predation on the Ranch Wyoming Department of Agriculture. July, 1997 (68K PDF, 4 page PDF)

Final Rule (11/18/94): Final Rule: Endangered & Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Establishment of a Nonessential Experimental Population of Gray Wolves in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. (134K, 33 page PDF)


US Fish & Wildlife Service

Wyoming Game & Fish

International Wolf Center



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