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Wolf depredation on livestock 1995-2005:

Wyoming Confirmed
Cattle 213
Sheep 173

Sublette County
Calves 16 killed, 3 injured;
13 adult cows or yearlings killed, 1 injured
8 ewes and 11 lambs killed; and one mule injured.
In response to these problems, 23 wolves were killed in Sublette County last year. “Sublette County is probably the hardest hit county in the state,” Rod Krischke, Wildlife Services Krischke said to the Green River Valley Cattlemen's Association at a March, 2007 meeting,“with Park County right behind it.”

Cattle 101
Sheep 702

Cattle 191
Sheep 431

(Other livestock confirmed as killed by wolves but not included on the list are horses, llamas and goats.)

Evaluation of Wolf Control to Reduce Cattle Predation in Canada By Ronald R. Bjorhe and John R. Gunson, Journal of Range Management Rancher's Guide to Wolf Depredatin, November 1985. (576K, 5-page PDF)

Effects of wolves on Livestock Calf Survival and Movements in Central Idaho By John K Oakleaf, Journal of Range Management Rancher's Guide to Wolf Depredatin, November 1985. (2983K, 67-page PDF)

Note: Official agency maps never include wolf packs in Sublette County because these packs always become involved in livestock depredations and are then killed in control actions. Any wolves that remain are too elusive to document.


Ten of the 13 known wolf packs in Wyoming in 2005 were involved in at least one livestock depredation incident.

Of all confirmed wolf predation on livestock in Wyoming in 2005, 73 percent occurred on private property.

In 2006, about 12 percent of the Northern Rocky Mountain wolf population was removed because of conflicts with livestock but it still increased over 20 percent. Human-caused mortality would have to remove 34 percent or more of the wolf population annually before population growth would cease. Preliminary wolf survival data from radio-telemetry studies suggests that adult wolf mortality resulting from conflict could be doubled to an average of 14–20 percent annually and still not significantly impact wolf population recovery



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