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Cat Urbigkit is a writer, photographer and rancher from Big Piney, Wyoming. She grew up on tobacco farms in Indiana and Kentucky, but her family moved to Sublette County, Wyoming, when she was in middle school. She graduated from Pinedale High School in 1983, and later married Jim Urbigkit. They have a ranch raising sheep and Hereford cattle in Sublette County in western Wyoming. She was a writer and co-owner of the Sublette Examiner newspaper in Pinedale for many years, later leaving to free-lance write. Her articles have appeared in many newspapers, magazines and on the web.

She spent more than a decade conducting research on the history of Wyoming's wolves, with her non-fiction book on that subject, "Yellowstone Wolves: A Chronicle of the Animal, the People, the Politics," which was released in 2008 by McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company. "I was very involved in the reintroduction issue, so the book gives an insider's view," she said.

Urbigkit, and her husband Jim, were party to several federal lawsuits dealing with Wyoming wolves, including the lawsuit challenging the wolf reintroduction program and another that forced federal agencies to release wolf records to the public as required by the Freedom of Information Act.

She’s an award-winning reporter and photographer who has also published three non-fiction photo-essay books for children on agricultural topics, with two more currently under contract, all with Boyds Mills Press. CAT'S BOOKS



Using dogs to help protect livestock from predators
2010 Article in Sheep & Goat Research Journal - by Cat & Jim Urbigkit
Expanding large carnivore populations pose new challenges for livestock owners to protect their herds from predators while abiding to the laws that protect some of these predator species which are under federal protection. Some sheep ranchers have used specially-bred livestock protection dogs as a non-lethal tool to help protect their herds from wolf predation. Cat and Jim Urbigkit, ranchers in Big Piney, have co-authored a paper on the use of livestock protection dogs (LPDs), which was recently published in Sheep & Goat Research Journal. “The number of LPDs killed by large predators is increasing,” they wrote. “We conducted a literature review to identify LPD breeds that may be more suited for use around large carnivores, such as gray wolves.” Click on this link for a Printable PDF of this article. (8 pages, 1590K)


Governor's Capitol Art Exhibition2007 Governor's Capitol Art Exhibition
Two of Cat's photographs were selected to appear in the 2007 Governor's Capitol Art Exhibition at the Wyoming State Museum in Cheyenne June 18, 2007 - August 31, 2007. The opening reception is June 22, 2007, featuring an appearance by Governor Freudenthal. The Governor's Capital Art Exhibition is designed to promote and encourage Wyoming artist to build a unique collection known as the Captial Art Collection. From this collection, the five elected officials (Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor, State Treasurer and Superintendent of Public Instruction) are able to choose pieces to display in their offices, thus continually promoting the work of Wyoming artists for the public to enjoy. Cat's photos of sheep husbandry is her effort to promote agriculture in Wyoming.

Wyoming Library Roundup - Spring 2007Spring 2007 Wyoming Library Roundup - Ag & Ranching
The Wyoming Library Roundup did a 3-page article about Cat and her family's sheep ranch in western Wyoming. The article, entitled, "Cats & Dogs: Life on a ranch for young readers", talks about Cat's three published children's books about ranch life, her two upcoming children's books, and her upcoming adult non-fiction book about Yellowstone wolves.

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Cat Urbigkit

Cat Urbigkit


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