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Catamaran race, Sailing Regatta on Fremont Lake. Sponsored by the Pinedale Boat Club

Pinedale Boat Club
Pinedale, Wyoming

The Winter Fishing Derby and Sailing Regatta are now sponsored by the Pinedale Lions Club. The Winter Derby is always held the 2nd full weekend in March. The Sailing Regatta is always the 2nd full weekend in August. See the Lions Club Facebook page for current details.

UPDATE FEB 19, 2022
The club is currently inactive. Events are currently hosted by the Pinedale Lions Club

Big Fish Fishing Derby on Fremont Lake

Ice Fishing Derby on Fremont Lake

Crossing the lake finish line, Pinedale Boat Club Sailing Regatta on Fremont Lake

Sailing Regatta on Fremont Lake, Pinedale Boat and Yacht Club, Tom Brown and crew on  "What About Bob?"

One man sailing, Fremont Lake Sailing Regatta, Pinedale Boat Club

Ice Fishing Derby Results, Big Fish fishing derby on Fremont Lake, Pinedale Boat Club, Lakeside Lodge









The Pinedale Boat Club is currently inactive, since 2018. In the past they sponsored several events throughout the year including a horseshoe pitch in early June. Later that month, they sponsor the Father's Day Fishing Derby (members only). In August they hold their annual Fremont Lake Sailing Regatta, a two day, five-race competition for sail boats of all kinds. They wrap up the season in late August with a cookout. The Winter Fishig Derby and the Sailing Regatta are now sponsored by the Pinedale Lions Club. See their Facebook page for current details about these events.

During late winter, the Lions Club places a barrel out on Fremont Lake. Then in April, the club sponsors a barrel drop guessing contest fundraiser to determine when the ice will melt off Fremont Lake causing the barrel to drop into the water and touch the side of the lake. The prize is $500. Deadline for barrel guesses is midnight, March 31st. The contest is open to those who enter in the Winter Fishing Derby..


Pinedale Lions Club
Barrel Drop Guess Contest - historic times

There is a prize for the winning guess. Guess tickets can be bought by Boat Club members only. In case of a tie, prize will be split.
Earliest drop: April 12th • Latest drop: May 29th
Deadline for guess is Midnight March 31st. Tickets for the barrel drop guess can be bought along with registration in the Big Fish Winter Derby in March.

1979-May 15, 3:16 pm 2000-April 28, 3:20 pm
1980-May 7, 5:15 pm 2001-May 8, 3:20 pm
1981-No Ice 2002-May 8, 3:41 pm
1982-May 18, 5:38 pm 2003-April 23, 1:43 pm
1983-May 29, 8:32 am 2004-April 12, 5:15 pm
1984-May 24, 7:55 pm 2005-April 29, 6:06 pm
1985-May 3, 1:17 pm 2006-April 30, 6:08 am
1986-May 7, 8:58 pm 2007-April 27, 3:00 am
1987-April 30, 11:47 am 2008-May 19, 11:00 am
1988-May 1, 1:35 pm 2009-May 8, 1:38 pm
1989-April 25, 3:15 pm 2010-May 15, 11:45 am
1990-April 21, 6:30 pm 2011-May 20, 6:30 am
1991-May 18, 3:00 pm 2012-April 23, 8:15 pm
1992-April 22, 3:00 am 2013-May 7, 2:15 pm
1993-May 17, 3:30 pm 2014-May 7, 5:22 pm
1994-May 3, 3:00 pm 2015-April 16, 5:46 pm
1995-May 12, 5:30 pm 2016-April 24, 4:00 pm
1996-May 10, 9:23 am 2017-May 3, 6:11 am
1997-May 10, 8:15 am 2018-No barrel
1998-May 4, 2:38 am 2019-May 10, 10:36 am
1999-May 14, 8:00 am 2020-May 3, 7:00 am

Must be entered in the Big Fish Winter Derby to place a guess for the barrel drop. Tickets available to members at the Big Fish Winter Derby.


March 5 & 6, 2022
Big Fish Winter Derby on Fremont Lake

August 13 & 14, 2022
Sailing Regatta on Fremont Lake




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